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{ short story } Or Even Longer

Title: Or Even Longer
Rating: PG13 (blood, death, death, blood, Cat's strange grasp on what is healthy in interpersonal relationships)
Wordcount: 9,748
Story / World: Colourverse, Cause
Characters: Cat Hydan, Sam Jones, Carl and Alstair Clayton, Tessa Mosier.
Challenges: January hint-fiction challenge
Summary: “An advantage to them burying their dead on their own property,” he says, lips barely moving. “They're off to drink and eat and feel guilty and sad, or guilty because they're not sad enough.”
"Okay," Cat answers, under her breath as well. “What are we doing?”
Sam smiles and pulls his hands out of his pockets. “Follow me.”

Notes: This was finished in January and thus marked the second short story I've ever written and finished (first being, of course, Casey Johnson's Walk), so that makes it kind of ~historic.

Together they throw the dirt,
listen to its plunk against wood,
a sound so unlike anything else in the world,
one you could remember forever.

Sam and Cat stand as far back as they can while still blending in, doing their best to pull off bystanders who knew the deceased but not very well and who don't want to get in the legitimately bereaved people's way. )